Finding a home should be made easy for young professionals moving to a new city. Our Easy Living experience should be beautiful, and sharing it with your new housemates and friends should be enriching.

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Why Casa Mia Coliving?

A few Casa Mia members having coffee

Coliving is the most convenient way to live in a new city.

It’s a growing trend amongst young professionals about lifestyle experiences catering to convenience, social connections, affordability, and flexibility. At Casa Mia Coliving, we call it Easy Living.

How does Casa Mia Coliving Work?

1. We offer our members our Easy Living experience. You start by browsing our site.

2. Select and request to view your new homes.

3. Move into your new home!

4. Start your life in a new city!

Easy Living community

Look forward to meeting like-minded professionals from different backgrounds, network, make new friends in your Easy Living community.

What your membership gives you

Casa Mia Coliving’s all-inclusive membership starts from $950/month, and comes with everything you need to move in and start enjoying your new place. A great choice with desirable services and features compared to other living options.

What Casa Mia Coliving members have to say